The Uncollected Stories Series

ISSN 0928-7485
published by the "Uitgeverij I.B.A."
(Anna Paulowna, the Netherlands)

Stories published in both English and Dutch.
These stories were until very recently never published in any Johns or Biggles book, so they are very rare. This series enlarges their availability to all Johns-collectors. Each story costs EURO 4,55, except "De verdwenen bladzijde". That one costs EURO 5,65 because it has the length of half a book. All stories, except three that are sold out, are available at the I.B.A. Online Shop.

no. 1 : BIGGLES HEEFT NACHTWERK - February 1993,
GB 1937 Biggles' exciting night (The Modern Boy's Annual)
(sold out)
no. 2 : WORRALS LOST HET OP - February 1993,
GB 1947 Worrals works it out (Girls' Own Paper)
no. 3 : DE VERDWENEN BLADZIJDE - October 1994,
GB 1937 The missing page (The Thriller)
(sold out)
no. 4 : BIGGLES EN DE JOKER - April 1995,
GB 1935 Biggles and the joker (The Modern Boy)
(sold out)
no. 5 : BIGGLES' KERSTGESCHENK - October 1995,
GB 1934 Biggles' X-mas box! (The Modern Boy)
(sold out)
no. 6 : BIGGLES EN HET LOKAAS - April 1996,
GB 1938 Biggles takes the bait (The Modern Boy's Annual)
(sold out)
no. 7 : BIGGLES' KERSTBOOM - November 1996
GB 1934 Biggles' Christmas tree! (The Modern Boy)
(sold out)
GB 1935 Biggles' Night Out! (The Modern Boy)
(sold out)
no. 9 : BIGGLES EN DE ZAAK IN SOMERSET - November 1997
GB 1963 The case of the Somerset farmer (Daily Mail Boy's Annual)
(sold out)
no. 10: WORRALS GRIJPT IN - April 1998
GB 1946 Worrals takes a hand (Children's Gift Book)
no. 11: BIGGLES IN HET NAUW - November 1999
GB 1936 Biggles on the spot (The Modern Boy's Book of Adventure Stories)
no. 12: BIGGLES EN DE NIEUWE LICHTING - September 2000
GB 1937 The fledglings (The New Book of the Air)

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